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About Magnolia LAUSD

Our Mission
Magnolia Public Schools provides a college preparatory educational program emphasizing science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) in a safe environment that cultivates respect for self and others.

Our Vision

Magnolia Public Schools vision is to graduate students who are scientific thinkers that contribute to the global community as socially responsible and educated members of society.

Magnolia LAUSD’s View on STEM vs STEAM Education in Schools

The majority of kids in the US attend Charter schools. These education institutions are responsible for nurturing academic accomplishments of many children who take an interest in education regardless of backgrounds. The beauty is that they are affordable, do not discriminate against any kid and no specific requirements are made to enroll. Unlike in other schools, teachers in these learning institutions are at liberty to do anything outside the curriculum for the benefit of their students. They incorporate intelligence and character in students which as a whole are a big accomplishment through STEM and STEAM programs.

STEM Schools.

They focus more on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Great careers have been developed in these fields and as you all know kids ought to be pointed in the right direction to succeed career-wise. This is the field that produces logic thinkers and inventors. It creates students who are fearless problem solvers.  Who wouldn’t want to have a doctor or an engineer for a kid? I dare say no one. These programs encourage collaborative learning among kids which is significant in sharpening their problem solving and communication abilities. Students become more creative in innovating solutions to challenges they encounter. Has it ever crossed your mind that everything we do is purely dependent on mathematics? It may sound funny but we can never do anything whatsoever without applying simple mathematics to tithe modern world calls for creativity and innovation to make it in almost everything due to technology. This outlines the importance of STEM schools to our society.

STEAM Schools

These learning institutions, on the other hand, include arts in their philosophy. In this author’s view, arts subjects are essential in shaping our communication, collaboration, and cooperation in the modern world. This is incorporated to students through interdisciplinary engagements. Kids need to learn skills which will make them competitive in different job categories. STEAM schools offer them such golden opportunities by preparing them for life in college, work and life in general. Competition in today’s job market has become fierce in all ways. These institutions breed very creative characters in arts and designing which explains the everyday innovation in modern technology. Students have to think outside the box to qualify as creative. The system has however been heavily criticized as needing more time. Don’t you think that’s unreasonable considering the fact that Americans are basically innovators?



The modern society needs people who are creative, innovative and inventive to drive the global economy to high scale. This is why more and more STEM Schools are converting to STEAM. This is to incorporate Arts and design in day-to-day learning. Nelson Mandela once said that: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World. He may be no more but his words of wisdom on education remain significant in modern World. For more information on Magnolia LAUSD, please visit

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