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At Magnolia LAUSD we educate independent life-long scholars with critical thinking skills

Our Core Values at Magnolia LAUSD

Core Values Magnolia LAUSD has identified the following core values, which are reinforced through its Life Skills curriculum, student learning outcomes and all school activities.


Scholarship is the desire to pursue knowledge and excellence and to contribute original and provocative ideas in a learning environment, in diverse settings, and as a catalyst to future academic knowledge. We foster scholarship through project based learning using a constructivist approach, student portfolios, assessments of and for learning and academic discourse and argumentative writing. Scholars learn where and how to access the needed information to advance their academic pursuits and societal contributions.


Students will have the freedom to choose how and what they learn. Flexible scheduling, early identification of learning styles, personalities, interest and career plans will support students’ college and career readiness. This will include student participation in their four-year plans, after school enrichment programs, STEAM program choice options, adaptive assessments and blended learning strategies, differentiated instruction and differentiated and adaptive assessments.


School communities are integrated partnerships with the school site staff, families, students and all other stakeholders. This sense of connection creates a safe place for all learners and stakeholders to affirm individual strengths, celebrate character, provide academic support through mentorship and internship, promote unity and better decision making through the implementation of restorative justice practices. Additionally, community cultivates identity and gives each member a sense of belonging and pride. MPS utilizes home visits, student surveys, field trips, life skills classes and coaching to support our overall community-based goals. We work with community partners to establish mentoring relationships and other social capital to support our students’ development of personal and academic networks for long term resilience and connection.

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